Quotes & Estimating

Impress Customers & Win More Business

1. Create Estimate

  • Add a new contact, or choose an existing customer and you’re ready to build out the estimate 
  • You can also create Change Orders from here too
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2. Tune Your Estimate

  • Add your Items, grab a prebuilt Assembly, add your Labor and even add photos.
  • Check your margins as you go.
  • Use boilerplate templates to create a reusable professional looking scope statements.
  • Add Tasks and Punch Lists for the job if needed.
  • Attach unlimited documents and photos
  • Preview and Email the Estimate or Quotation to contact with e-Signature to have the estimate accepted and ready for scheduling in MEC.
  • Get SMS Message the moment customer accepts estimate
  • Create a Job with one-click when ready to go and you’re all set
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3. Preview & Send Your Estimate

  • Choose from five (5) different Estimate Styles!
  • Customize colors to match your business
  • Supports Detail pricing, Summary pricing and inclusive prices.
  • Include or exclude tax
  • Include customized Payment schedules
  • Send the estimate as a “Quotation”
  • Customize the line items with additional text, images, colors and more
  • Preview and Email the Estimate with e-Signature to have the estimate accepted and ready for scheduling.
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4. Create the Job

  • Push an accepted estimate into the Job Pool with one click
  • When the job is released into the Job Pool its ready to be scheduled, assigned to staff and updated with actual quantities and timesheet details booked.
  • Find out more about Job Planning, Scheduling and Dispatch with a Free Demo!
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Other Estimating Features

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The 30 Second Estimate!

  • A Quick Estimate lets you send out a simple estimate in hurry.  Great for those small jobs.
  • Send the estimate to an existing contact or customer, or with just a receiving email address.
  • The Estimate can be accepted by the contact via the e-signature option.
  • You’ll get a text message on your phone as soon as the estimate is accepted!
  • Super Simple, Super Fast.
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Got a Website?

  • Grab Leads directly into MEC with our free CRM Web addon.
  • Give your website the ability to intercept customer requests for work and send these directly into MEC to help you manage and follow-up on.
  • No more missed emails, no data capturing needed, the customer sends you all the information needed to arrange an estimate.
  • Easily push the request into all popular email calendars.
  • Professionalism feels good.