Features Available

Your bases are covered.


Web Leads

No missed opportunities. Get leads directly inserted into ProTrack from your Website.


Get Paid online. Send invoices with Payment Links.  Push invoices to Accounting.

Items & Materials

Import Price Lists, set Profit margins, Import Bills of Materials, Improve estimating accuracy with Item Assemblies


Daily Dispatch Schedule, Day Calendars, On My Way Messaging, Gantt Charts and more


Customers & Contacts

Manage your Customers & Contacts efficiently with powerful Searching, Meta Tags, Historical reporting, SMS messaging, Discounts, Price Multipliers, SMS Messaging and more.

Mobile App

Do everything you need to do in the field  easily with the mobile app


Powerful Lead Management to track & follow-up leads.  Move leads through the sales funnel.  Engage your contact.


Craft fantastic looking quotes to enhance your brand. Set Appointments, Add Photos and more.   e-Sign estimates.

Job Management

Drag-n-drop Job Board.  Assign Resources, Add Materials and Items.   Time tracking. Work Orders & Purchase Orders.  Add Tasks, Photos, Expenses and more.



  • Web Leads from Your site
  • Lead Pipeline with Workflow
  • Estimates and Proposals
  • Flexible Payment Schedules
  • Job Photos
  • Email Marketing
  • e-Signing of Estimates
  • Item Assemblies
  • Boilerplates
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Project Management

  • Drag-n-drop Job Board
  • Scheduling
  • Interactive Job To Do lists
  • Store Documents and Photos
  • Store Expense Receipts
  • Send Messages
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Project Reporting (Gantt, Time Worked)
  • Mobile App

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  • Invoicing
  • Progress Invoicing
  • Project Costings
  • Purchase Orders
  • Timekeeping
  • Payroll Reports
  • QuickBooks
  • Wave Accounting
  • Customer CRM
  • Items, Materials & Extras

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  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Wave Accounting
  • Stripe Payment Processing
  • Twillio
  • Signalwire
  • Pro-Est
  • Turbo Bid
  • StackCT
  • Smart Build (new)

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Features by Group


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Create leads quickly with just a name and  manage these through the entire pre-sales process.

Follow-up calls and emails run against a customizable set of workflow rules giving you control over the frequency of when follow-ups are needed.

Quick View


Boilerplates lets you create common blurbs or descriptions of projects and jobs you do.   You can select a boilerplate and insert this text into your quotes and jobs.  Saves a lot of time and gives your documents a more thought out look.

Payment Schedules

Estimates can have payment schedules.  These are amounts customer must pay at certain points of the job.  You can have different schedules for each customer/job.


Quotes & Estimates

Create professional looking quotes for emailing. Get your quotes e-signed by your customer and get text messaged the second they are accepted.

Supports both detailed estimates with prices and quantities, or Inclusive Prices  only.  

See when contact has viewed your estimate so you know when to follow-up.


Store unlimited photos, attachments, or documents related to the lead or estimate.  Attach any of these to your outgoing customer emails.

Create unlimited Notes and keep track if these have yet to be actioned,

If you have a website you can generate leads directly into MEC with our free add-on.  

Quick Quotes

Need to whip out a quote with ballpark numbers?  The Quick Quote feature will get a quote off to your customers before the traffic light turns green.


Your Estimate can include a button for your customer to sign their acceptance of your Estimates.   The signature is stored with the Estimate for your record keeping.

A copy of the estimate (PDF) is also saved in the quote which allows you to have a record of the versions sent.



Set Google and iOS appointments.  Use the SMS feature to send and archive text messages along with outgoing emails so you have a complete communication history. 



When an Estimate is signed off by your customer the system immediately text messages you of this, automatically sets your estimate to Approved status and then emails the customer a Thank You.


Project Management


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Create Jobs on the fly or flip accepted quotes into Jobs with a click. 

Add Materials and Items, Assign resources, track actual time and materials used. 

Take Job Photos, record Expense Receipts and manage the job’s Tasks list at any moment.

Even grab deposits or final amount due with our built-in point-of-sale functon!

Mobile App

Access to the platofrm is available for Phones and Tablets.

Pretty much everythnig you can do on  your dashboard you can do on your mobile plus a few nice options to upload job photos and expense receipts.

The App is role based meaning that staff wont have access to everything a Foreman or Manager sees.

Work Orders

Work Orders are often used for sub-contractors that need to be sent a list of services to be performed at ‘your’ cost.  These can be emailed to your sub and will be shown in the Job Board for scheduling.

Create Purchase Orders against your supplier for materials to be picked up or delivered to job site.


There are a number of tools available to help with scheduling.   Our Job Board shows all the jobs on a simple to use drag and drop calendar.  Shuffle jobs around to fit your needs.

There are also calendars for staff to see where they need to be on any day/time.  Our Work Time calendar lets you see who has worked what hours on what job.

If you coordinating the delivery of materials with your jobs crews, we even have a super useful GANTT chart to help avoid conflicts.

To Do Tasks

You can create specific job tasks that act like reminders to things to be done.  Tasks can be toggled to ‘Done’ when completed.   A great little feature to help ensure nothing is forgotten!

Purchase Orders

Create Purchase Orders against your supplier for materials to be picked up or delivered to job site.

Supplier Part Numbers and UPC codes are both supported


Finalize the jobs for the day with the drag and drop Job Board and then with the Day Calendar to adjust the times you or your crews need to be on site.

Crew Foreman and workers can view where they need to be and at what time on their mobile device.   

Job Mapping and directions are also available on the mobile devices.

Time Tracking

For jobs that require detailed time reporting or if you need crews to track the time on the job for wage payout, you can use our timekeeping module.

Crew members can add time spent on jobs along with task notes using their mobile device.

When using time tracking a number of utilization graphs, profitabilty and payroll reports become accessable and available.

Job Cost

See your Costs vs Actual for Labor, Materials and any ‘Extras’ you may be using.


Collecting deposits with our Point-of-Sale feature is a breeze.  When collecting cash or checks these can easily be logged into the system.  Payments are offset against the job’s actual amount.

Finance & Admin

Customer Management

A full history of Leads, Quotes, Jobs, Notifications, SMS Text Messaging, Notes, Reminders, Payment Tracking and more are kept for each of your customers.

Support for Tags give you an extra level of classifying and grouping your customer base.

Set discounts by customer or use our unique and powerful ‘Price Multiplier feature to adjust quote prices higher or lower.


If Accounting is required you can integrate with either QuickBooks or Wave Accounting.

With QuickBooks there is a tight integration of customers.   Invoices for completed jobs are pushed into your QB.  Payroll also supported.

WAVE Accounting is a no frills FULL accounting system that is FREE to use.  The only catch is you must use their payment gateway instead of Stripe. 

Go to www.waveapps.com to learn more


Items & Materials

Create unlimited Items and materials for your business or add items on the fly when creating quotes and jobs.  

You can start from scratch creating items, upload a spreadsheet or opt for 100’s of preloaded items ready made for you.

Set your supplier information to make your PO’s quick to create, create your selling prices based on any profit margin you want.  

Take Offs

Import from popular Take-Off platforms like Pro-Est, TurboBid ans StackCT directly into  your estimate.

You will get all materials for the submitted blueprints  costed out, in most cases, to within your specific geographic locations.

You can also use the Assembly feature to create common Bills of Materials that can be quickly added to estimates and job to speed up time and improve accuracy,

SMS Messaging

Keep your private cell phone number private!

SMS Text messages are embedded in many of our work flows to help to keep you and your customers informed at every step of the way.

We offer you one of more custom SMS phone number in your area code through which all SMS will be sent.   

We keep track of all inbound and outbound messages to give you a complete history of messaging.

Stripe Payment Gateway

With a FREE Stripe Payment account you can collect credit card payments in a number of ways.  

You can send your customer an invoice with a “Pay Now” button in the email.

Use our Point-of-sale feature and get paid using your mobile device or over the phone on your office desktop PC.

Go to www.stripe.com to learn more.


Integrations & Security

QuickBooks Online

You are able to get existing customers from QB into MEC and add New customers into QB from QB.  MEC can send invoice totals to QB so your A/R system can take over!  

Wave Accounting

MEC can link to your Wave Accounting account and invoices can be pushed into Wave for collection.


Role based security is core in MEC.  There are system defined roles you assign to people that enables them to access certain areas of the system.

Take Offs

Import from popular Take-Off platforms like Pro-Est, TurboBid, StackCT and Smart Build directly into  your estimate.

You will get all materials for the submitted blueprints  costed out, in most cases, to within your specific geographic locations.

Local Backups

Unlike most of the competition we allow you to backup your core data onto your local PC.  The files we send to your PC are all in Excel (XLS) format.   You can use these for internal work if you wish.


View your Quotes and Jobs on a localized map.  Helps plan route efficiency.

Payment Processing

We use STRIPE for your payment processing.   Before you can take payment you need to create your own Stripe account with your banking details.   We do not store any of your confidential information in MEC. 

When a payment is processed through MEC we apply a small fee to each transaction done.   The amount that is charged, less Stripe processing charges, is sent to your bank account on file within 2 business days.

For more information go here: www.stripe.com



Customize Emails, Project Descriptions and more just once, and reuse these across the system.  Allows you to personalize the customer experience.

" I love the program, it's easy to use and move around in. This comes from a guy that isn't a computer person."

– Brett, NC

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