Managing Jobs & Scheduling

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How it Works.

  • A job is created from an approved estimate or can be created on the fly.   
  • Once a job is created you can add and track actual costs for Items, Labor and any Extras if needed.   
  • Jobs are shown in the Job Board for a high-level overview of everything and are also shown on the Scheduler to manage your work by day and time. 
  • When a job is completed you can send an invoice and collect payment in a number of available ways.

The Job Board

  • View color coded Leads, Estimates & Jobs on the Job Board.
  • Add custom events – like site visits
  • Drag and drop to change dates.
  • Drill into any item detail by clicking the item.
  • Work Orders and Purchase Orders are also shown
  • Create Events with or without Calendar appointments for your customers, staff and subcontractors.
  • View by Week, Month or Year
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The Scheduler

  • This is where you can assign Jobs and Work Orders to staff and sub-contractors
  • The Job details are shown on mobile devices 
  • You can add tasks to one or more people here as well
  • Switch the calendar to ‘Day Mode’ to arrange the jobs by time of day and view them in a route map to make the day run as efficiently as it can.
  • Unassigned Jobs or Work Orders are shown here.  Just drag the unassigned item to a staff or sub-contractor to assign the item to them.
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Beyond the Basics

  • Attach unlimited photos & files to jobs
  • Track Time worked on any job
  • Create Purchase Orders for jobs
  • Create Work Orders for Sub-Contractor
  • Create Recurring Service Requests
  • Create Task Lists for Jobs
  • You can Progress Invoice
  • When job is completed you can send a customer invoice
  • Review job profit with the Job Costing reports
  • Integrate your data into QuickBooks or Wave Accounting